Softline Checkout API Documentation

Products API

Сreating and managing products: configure prices, subscriptions, additional products, etc.

Campaign Management API

Holding promotional campaigns via API using coupons.

API for Selling Products with Dynamic Information

Creating a one-time buy link with additional parameters allowing you to identify product characteristics and pre-fill customer data.


Sending notifications on order/payment events, actions with license information and actions with subscriptions to your web-service.

API for Obtaining Order Information and Creating Refund Requests

Obtaining information on orders using IDs and other characteristics, as well as creating refund requests.

Subscription Management API

Obtaining information on subscriptions, changing or cancelling subscriptions.

Additional features

Selling renewals

Options for selling renewals (AR, PMR, Email)

Overview of options for selling renewals for products with limited licenses.

Subscriptions (license auto-renewal, AR)

Selling subscription products. License renewal order automatic creation and payment.

Selling Trial Products

Using subscriptions with auto-renewal licenses to sell trial products.


Tools to increase sales


Selection of product characteristics and product subsequent replacement in cart.

Cross-Sell Offer

Additional products on cart page (recommended or mandatory products, gifts)

Up-Sell Offer

Offer to Replace Product in Cart with Better Item.

Discount Coupons

Applying discounts to products in cart via coupon activation.

Thank You Page Offer (TYPO)

Special offer on page after successful payment for order.

Installment Product Purchase System

Option to pay for orders in installments.


Other features

Buy Links

Format description of buy links to be added to cart. Using parameters in buy links for additional functionality.

Emails to Customer

Overview of emails concerning orders sent to customers.

ESupport Portal

Overview of ESupport portal designed for partners to work with orders.

Customer's personal data erasure

Granting customers the right to erasure of their personal data provided when placing orders. Data anonymization.

Test Environment (

Test environment overview (working with API, cart, ESupport portal)

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